[Press Releases]ASUS Announces Best-Ever Performance at 2021 Red Dot Brands & Communication Design Awards

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<p style=”text-align:center”>Exceptional status of ASUS and ROG branding and communication initiatives recognized on the world stage with five prestigious accolades</p>

<p><strong>TAIPEI, Taiwan, September 9, 2021 &mdash;&nbsp;</strong>ASUS today announced that it has achieved its best-ever performance at the prestigious 2021 Red Dot Brands &amp; Communication Design Awards ceremony, picking up a total of five accolades across multiple disciplines &ndash; including Digital Solutions, Brand Design &amp; Identity, Film &amp; Animation, Packaging Design and Interface &amp; User Experience Design.</p>

<p>Each year, companies globally are invited to take part in Red Dot&rsquo;s Brands &amp; Communication Design Awards. All entries are assessed by the expert Red Dot judging panel with regard to their design and creative performance. Specifically, for the Brands aspect of the awards, the jury assesses vision and brand values, design and brand communication, and brand identity and differentiation. For Communication Design, the core criteria are originality and creativity, design quality and innovation, and comprehensibility and emotional significance.</p>

<p>In being awarded winning status in five out of 18 categories, ASUS has built on its year-on-year success at the Red Dot Brands &amp; Communication Design Awards &ndash; notching up more accolades than ever before &ndash; and sent a strong signal that is now an leading force in both branding and communications design. This leveling-up of our success is also recognition of the fact that ASUS is committed to designing every detail of its products, packaging and customer experiences.</p>

<p>&quot;In addition to the aesthetic value and material design of each product line, we believe that design aesthetics should be reflected in every contact point and experience with users or consumers,&rdquo; said Mitch Yang, Head of the ASUS Design Center (ADC), &ldquo;We start from product pages, and follow through to the purchase experience, both online and offline, and on to the exhilarating moment when the customer unboxes their ASUS product. Our purpose is to create products and brand experiences that deliver joyful for users, from start to finish.&ldquo;</p>

<p>Full details of the Red Dot Brands &amp; Communication Design Awards achieved by ASUS and Republic of Gamers (ROG) in 2021 are as follows:</p>


<h2>ROG Citadel XV: Digital Solutions Award</h2>

<p>During CES 2021, we unveiled ROG Citadel XV &ndash; a new, innovative and joyful way to discover more about ROG products. ADC collaborated closely with third party animator studios to develop an ambitious virtual experience unlike any other. The result is an exciting interactive experience that includes stories from the ROG visual universe, a gallery tour of the latest ROG devices, and an FPS-style minigame.</p>


<h2>ROG Brand Book: Brand Design &amp; Identity Award</h2>

<p>ROG has designed a brand book that both explores and frames the history, design, technologies and innovations of the ASUS gaming sub-brand, from its inception to now. The unique design of this brand book outlines ROG&rsquo;s brand values, core vision and product aesthetics.</p>


<h2>ROG Flow X13: Film &amp; Animation Award</h2>

<p>The product video for ROG Flow X13 is unique, envisioning a futuristic world out of space where viewers are immersed into the universe of product innovation and design. It also explores the incredible performance and features unleashed by the remarkable ROG Flow X13 gaming laptop.</p>


<h2>ASUS Zenfone 8: Packaging Design Award</h2>

<p>ASUS has long understood that in order to deliver the incredible experiences, every step of the customer journey is essential &ndash; and that&rsquo;s why the Red Dot judging panel appraised the packaging of Zenfone 8 as worthy of its Packaging Design Award. The sleek packaging has a premium feel and finish to deliver a heartfelt unboxing experience. The package even includes a color-matched case for Zenfone 8, ensuring that the product is protected and ready to use, right out of the box.</p>


<h2>ROG Phone 5 Ultimate: Interface &amp; User Experience Design Award</h2>

<p>The Red Dot jury also recognized the unique nature of the packaging that enrobes ROG Phone 5 Ultimate. Specifically, the unboxing experience provides access to a unique chronicle rendered on the phone&rsquo;s display via augmented reality (AR). When firing up ROG Phone 5 Ultimate for the first time, the user is invited to scan the book-like interior of the packaging. This in turn triggers an immersive AR experience that builds into a story that forms the start of their gaming journey. Storytelling is at the center of the user experience, deepening the unboxing experience to help the user become immersed in gaming from the get-go. At every step of the unboxing, the user discovers more content and story behind ROG Phone 5 Ultimate.</p>

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